Welcome to SKS World School

Fostering the Young Minds with Value-Based Education

SKS World School, being one of the best schools in Noida, is an English medium coeducational institution that runs under the aegis of the SKS Educational & Social Trust, led by its dynamic and visionary Chairman Shri S.K Sharma. The school provides CBSE curriculum-based education and is widely regarded as one of the best schools in Greater Noida West.

The core motive behind the efforts made by the schools run under the SKS Group of Institutions has always been to provide a holistic and meaningful education in addition to the pursuit of academic excellence. This school ranks high among the best schools in Noida. With a focus on providing education beyond books, nurturing talents and imbibing good values, the curriculum is enriched by a plethora of extracurricular activities to bring forth the inherent potentials of each and every child, making it one among the best schools in Greater Noida.

The teachers act as facilitators, creating an environment that encourages self-learning and makes the learning process easier, effective and everlasting. This is one major reason for the school to be amongst one of the best schools in Greater Noida West. SKS World School believes in developing not only healthy minds but also healthy bodies. Keeping at par with the Best Schools in Noida, sports have always been an integral part of the school curriculum. Participating in various sport events fosters the spirit of healthy competition among the students and develops them into physically fit individuals. The school provides facilities for various indoor and outdoor sports activities like swimming, basket ball, football, cricket, badminton, lawn tennis, skating, karate and yoga through its state-of-the-art infrastructure. The school, now listed as one of the best schools in Greater Noida, is keen on providing dynamic and diverse experiences to its students to enable them to shape themselves as confident, skilled and successful human beings.

Many organizations are striving to be the best schools in Greater Noida, but a few among them are well-recognized and have attained the pinnacle. With inspiring great minds associated with our organization, we have become one of the best schools in Noida. We believe in creating a culture that encourages students to think out-of-the-box and help them outshine with stupendous results. The school provides a gamut of opportunities for self-growth, which help students to become better human being for coming tomorrow.

We not only encourage student to Learn and Score, but we help them Grow and Outshine.

With extremely engrossing e-learning program, your child will be able to get connected to the basic fundamentals of the subject. Instead of reciting and learning about the subject, we help your child gain an understanding and a practical application about the topic. There are many schools who strive to be the best schools in Noida. Being one of the best schools in Greater Noida, our school promises to nurture your child with special care adept with the wisdom of knowledge.

What Parents say about us

  • My child always talks about school and the work he is doing, he is getting on really well. I am so pleased with how my child has progressed, thank you.

    Mr. Rakesh singh (F/O Shaurya Singh, Class Pre Nursery)
  • We just wanted to thank all the staff at SKS World School. I am amazed at the great progress Yashil has made since joining in October. He loves being at school and tells me it’s “just like being at home, being part of a family”. I feel the great sense of community that runs throughout the school from teachers and staff, makes SKS World School very special.

    Mrs. URVI RASTOGI SHARMA (M/o Yashil, Class Pre-Nursery)
  • My ward is doing well in her studies & ma’am has also shown her great efforts.

    Mr. Vivek (F/O Aaradya, class I- D)
  • Under kind guidance of Ms. Anjali Srivastava Ma’am our child has shown extreme improvement in studies and other activities. Thank you so much to the teacher and the School.

    Mr. Girish Rawat (F/O Srishti Rawat, Class Prep- C)
  • We are very happy with the way SKS World School, specially Sangeeta Dabral Ma’am. She is grooming Aayansh. We have seen continuous development in my child from day 1. Thank you very much School and Ma’am for all your hard work.

    Mr. Sumit Ranjan ( F/O Aayansh Ranjan, Class Nursery- B)
  • I am very happy to see my child growth & skill. Thanks to all teachers & school.

    Mrs. Reetu ( M/O Mudit Batsh, Class Nursery)
  • Thanks ma’am for your support Naisha is doing well. We are satisfied with her growth.

    Mr. Amit Roy Choudhary (F/O Naisha Roy, Class Nursery A)
  • School is considered the place where the tiny tots get the wings to fly. SKS World School has proved to be that platform for my child. Right from academies to extra curricular activities, there is a great improvement and participation seen. Happy and satisfied with the infrastructure, teaching methodology and environment. Keep up the good work, Team!

    Mr. Upendra Singh Dhapola (f/o Hridhaan Singh Dhapola, Class Pre Nur)
  • SKS World School is a good school in terms of infrastructure, activities, method of teaching, smart classes. In every prospect the school is helpful in the development of my child.

    Mr. Manish Mittal (F/O Atharv Mittal, Class Prep-F )
  • My experience about this school is pretty good. As a parent I have found the teachers very friendly and approachable. By and large it is pleasant to send my child every day. I particularly want to mention Ms. Deepti who strongly impresses me by her ability to address concerns and problems giving her valuable advice, finally I would like to thank all the teachers of my child.

    Mr. Vishal Srivastava (F/O Vishesh Srivastava, Class II-C)
  • “Once again I would like to say thanks to SKS World School for bringing lots of happiness in your children and our family life for preaching lots of good activities and new learning process in your school.”

    Mr Shrish Ojha P/o Krishna Ojha class V and Prabhakar Ojha class III
  • Tremendous improvement & confidence gain in just 2 months, becoming a smart child day by day, all credit goes to her class teacher.

    Mrs. Nootan Raghav – (M/O. Sanvee Raghav, CLASS – Nursery)
  • SKS World School has been a wonderful learning environment. My son enjoys his school.

    Mr.Kaushal Pandey – (F/O. Rishit Pandey, CLASS – I-A)
  • I am really happy with the progress of my son Akshat Singh in class 1A during this session. I deeply thank his teacher for the effort she has put in to make him reach such level. It’s her attention, love and way of teaching which make students pay attention towards their studies and extra activities.

    Mrs. Ritu Singh – (M/O. Akshat Singh, CLASS – I-A)
  • He is improving a lot. Practical way of teaching is making easier to learn and understand. He respects his teachers as they are taking good care of him.

    Mr. Manoj Chaudhary – (F/O. Aarav Chaudhary, CLASS – II-A)
  • Efforts are really appreciable. The curriculum followed in the school is really apt for the child and approach is also very good. I am fully satisfied by her performance.

    Mr.Lav Kumar Singh – (F/O . Kritika Singh, II-A)
  • We as parents are more than satisfied to see that each and every aspect of our childs personality is being groomed and all the positive as well as weak points are observed and worked upon carefully. The teachers are fully involved and knew in depth about the child.

    Mrs. Shilpa Sharma – (M/O. Kushagra Mudgal, CLASS – II-A)
  • I am very much satisfied with the curriculum made and the study planner also happy with the child’s development as well.

    Mr.Vikas Choudhary – (F/O. Shourya Sinsinwar, CLASS -III-A)
  • Really impressed with the development in my child. I really feel proud to say that she studies in SKS World School.

    Mr. Greesh Kumar – (F/O. Aakriti Chauhan, CLASS -III-A)
  • Very helpful and professional teachers. They know how to bring the best out of every child.

    Mr. Vinod Kumar – (F/O. Rishab Rana, CLASS IV-A)
  • Happy with the innovative teaching and learning methodology. Can see the change in my child of independent thinking and applying knowledge in practical life.

    Mr. Vikas – (F/O. Aarav Choudhary, CLASS IV-A)
  • A big thanks to SKS World School. We are very much satisfied with the school which includes conceptual learning methods. Your methods of introducing a topic to the children are excellent. Classrooms are like laboratory where they do not study only but experiment with various subjects.

    Mr. Sushil Chaudhary – (F/O. Ishu Chaudhary, CLASS – IV-A)
  • I see tremendous improvement in my child and all the credit goes to the family of SKS World. I feel vindicated to have enrolled her here.

    Mr. Mukesh Sharma – (F/O. Khushi Sharma , CLASS – lV-A)