• A clear calendar month’s notice or a month’s fee in lieu of the notice is to be paid before a pupil is withdrawn.
  • In all cases, except at the end of the Grade 12, a calendar month’s notice must be given before a student is withdrawn. Failure to provide the requisite notice will result in payment (or become adjustable against any balance with the School) of Fees for the full succeeding month. Exception may be made in case of a sudden transfer of government or military personnel.
  • Those who leave the school in the month of May must in all cases pay the fee for the month of June.
  • TC will not be issued until all dues are settled.


Once the student has applied for the admission and the student is successful and selected in the admission test, after paying the fees within due time limit, the school confirms the admission of the child. In case the child withdraws his/her admission and doesn’t join the school, admission fee and one month tuition fee of the child will be payable by the parent to the school. Any refund if applicable will be done after completion of withdrawal application and formalities.


  • The School is not liable to refund caution money to the Parents unless all outstanding dues have been paid in full.
  • A student who fails twice in the same class will not be permitted to continue his/her studies in school.
  • Students can be asked to leave the school on the following grounds:
    • Disciplinary
    • Unsatisfactory progress in work
    • Absence without approval

Caution Money Refund:

Caution money will be refunded if

  • The child is a bonafide student of the school.
  • Has applied for Transfer Certificate with at least one month’s notice period.
  • Has cleared all previous dues.

All the three conditions stated above have to be met.

Fee Structure for Session 2018-19

(APRIL 2018 – MARCH 2019)

Particulars For New Admission Only Amount Rs.  For Continuing Students Amount Rs.
Prospectus and Registration Fee (One Time) 1,100.00  –
Admission Fee (One Time) 20,000.00  –
Caution Money (Refundable) (One Time) 5,000.00  –
Annual fee   18,500.00  
Tution Fee – Quarter-1 (April – June) 9,000.00  –
Total 53,600.00  –
Tuition Fee Quarter-2 (July – September) 9,000.00  –
Tuition Fee Quarter-3 (October – December) 9,000.00  –
Tuition Fee Quarter-4 (January – March) 9,000.00  –
Grand Total   80,600.00  –
Prospectus and Registration Fee (One Time) 1,100.00  –
Admission Fee (One Time) 20,000.00  –
Caution Money (Refundable) (One Time) 5,000.00  –
Annual fee   18,500.00  
Tution Fee – Quarter-1 (April- June) 11,700.00 11,700.00
Total 56,300.00 11,700.00
Tuition Fee Quarter-2 (July- September) 11,700.00 11,700.00
Tuition Fee Quarter-3 (October- December) 11,700.00 11,700.00
Tuition Fee Quarter-4 (January – March) 11,700.00 11,700.00
Grand Total   91,400.00 46,800.00
Prospectus and Registration Fee (One Time) 1,100.00  –
Admission Fee (One Time) 20,000.00  –
Caution Mony(refundable) (One Time) 5,000.00  –
Annual fee   18,500.00  
Tution Fee – Quarter-1 (April- June) 12,600.00 12,600.00
Total 57,200.00 12,600.00
Tuition Fee Quarter-2 (July- September) 12,600.00 12,600.00
Tuition Fee Quarter-3 (October- December) 12,600.00 12,600.00
Tuition Fee Quarter-4 (January – March) 12,600.00 12,600.00
Grand Total   95,000.00 50,400.00
UPTO 5KM   MONTHLY 1,700.00
UPTO 10KM   MONTHLY 1,900.00
UPTO 15KM   MONTHLY 2,100.00

Terms & Conditions:

  1. All school fees are to be paid on quartely basis on or before the 10th of the 1st month of the quarter(Month of April, July,Oct & Jan).
  2. Fees may be paid in the school A/C office from 9:30 A.M till 3:00 P.M. On all weekdays Monday to Friday or otherwise through online payment gateway on the school website.
  3. If fees are not paid within the due date ,a late fee of Rs.100/- per day wil be charged.
  4. If the fees has not been paid in the 1st month of the quarter the name of the quarter, the name of the student is liable to be struck off from the roll.
  5. Fee reciepts should be kept in safe custody and produced at the school if called for.
  6. A student will not be given his/her Report Card or Transfer Certificate if his/her dues are not cleared.
  7. If a student withdraws or does not attend school, fees paid will not be refunded.
  8. This fees is applicable for session 2018-19 only. The school management reserves the right to increase/revise/alter the fees for the next academic session.
  9. The fee is subjected to rise by 10 – 15 % per annum in both Annual & montly components .
  10. Fee once piad is not refundable.
  11. Fee Structure doesn’t include the cost of books, copies, uniform,uniform, costumes for functions, trips, excursion and any other cost that is not specified in the fee structure.
  12. All disputes are subject to jurisdiction of District Gautam Buddha Nagar only.