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Football is a high action game. It requires relentless practice, determination, grit and passion. But that is not all. The ground work has to begin with high quality coaching and training infrastructure, which is sorely lacking in the country today. We have not kept pace with other Asian countries in terms of infrastructure and training methodologies.

“BBFS is an exciting initiative by India’s longest serving football captain & Arjuna awardee – Bhaichung Bhutia. BBFS offers football coaching across pan-India. With a goal to provide world class football coaching in India, BBFS has previously engaged the services of internationally acclaimed European coaches to formulate coaching methods and train young ones to learn art of playing football. BBFS’ Head of Coaching is Scottish Football Coach – Stevie Grieve, who brings with him 12 years of rich coaching experience in 4 countries over 3 continents. BBFS primarily caters to the children in the age group of 5 to 17 years. Till date, BBFS has nurtured 3 International, 7 Professional and 100+ National players.