The best schools in Greater Noida West believe that teaching your kids how to read and write is just not enough when it comes to their overall development. In addition to learning new words, spelling them correctly is an uphill climb for your kids, and at times boring too. However, one of the teachers from the best school in Greater Noida said, “Spelling Worksheets or Spelling Activities though necessary, but seem tedious to the students. Your kid is going to remember the lyrics of his/her favorite song, but not the spelling words taught last week. This crucially calls for introducing a fun element helping your kid learn how to spell right at any given point.”

  • Stamping Activity- Create stamp for each letter, make your child learn the spelling, and introduce the stamping activity.
  • Magnetic Letters- simply set out the required letters in the bowl, and let your child play and learn how to spell it correctly.
  • Lego Stacking- you can print the letters on the stickers and stick them to the Lego game, and then ask them to attach them to the pieces.
  • Charades- because action words are easy to remember, your child will practice this throughout the week.
  • Salt Printing- place a colorful tray of salt, spelling on the card in front of your child, and let him/her do the rest.

Fun-to-the-learning often seems easy but is equally a challenge for many upcoming schools in Noida Extension. Many in the list of top 10 schools in greater Noida Extension are using the above-mentioned tips for students in order to enhance their vocabulary skills.

There is a List of Schools in Noida Extension, each claiming to be the best in terms of nourishing your kids with out-of-the-box engaging programs. Different schools have unique teaching strategies for how to inspire their students to excel in academics. You can surely ask for the methods they involve in building-up your child’s future. You have all right to know and choose the best.