‘The Winters Are Coming!’ This may sound as scary as it is in ‘The Games of Throne’ for parents the moment winter break is announced. The winter break is here and you definitely don’t hope for consistent and trivial complaints this time. Enough of shouting! You seriously don’t want to trade your hard-earned peace for the childish and dim-witted behavior. And, if you have more than the one-of-a-kind, parenting becomes a challenging job.

Who says a mother is all time free when at home? The Best schools in Noida believe, a mother is never at home when with kids, she is still at the world’s most demanding job place, where every moment is challenging and every behavior is excruciating. So, pat yourself, you are doing it great!

According to the Best Schools in Greater Noida, two weeks off the school is not a long time. But, after the holidays have come and gone, those days seem to have stretched out pretty quickly for parents. Despite for kids, the break is more like a holiday. So, how to ensure that your kids are away from arguing, annoying, and outright refusals to do what you want? Here are some top 5 ways provided by the Best Schools in Noida Expressway.

1. Say Yes to Kindness and No to Anger

Does this really help? Of course yes. At times, when your kids are getting on your nerve, you once and for all get rid of the situation with an argument. So, you shout, punish, and to some extent decide not to talk. But, this will not help and you know this. Instead be kind and gentle on discussing the issue, leaving no room for argument. Make them agree to what they did was wrong. No curfew on playing and definitely stop nagging your kids. This will make your job less challenging and easy. Phew! That was quick.

2. Promote Sense of Cooperation

Without surrendering your authority, you must prepare your kids for commitment and cooperation. Stay ahead of time in anticipating their wants within your limits and condition. Say for an instance, you are at the store with your kids. Know beforehand what and when your kids can demand, and how you going to tackle the situation without creating a scene. You can make some stuff conditional (if you get good grades in English, I’ll buy you this next time!). Practice positive promises, no threats (if you promise to complete your homework within less than an hour, you can spend an extra hour in playing).

3. A ‘No’ to your every time ‘yes’

Some parents are overprotective, and we well-accept this fact. They cannot see their kids crying, getting hurt, or complaining. Hence, they immediately say ‘yes’ and surrender their authority. This may work until you have an ample of ‘resources’ and mediums. When something becomes non-negotiable or nearly unavailable (For instance say, toys), your kids refuse to settle for nothing less than a ‘yes’. And, they are right. Think about it!

4. Reinforce a deep connection

You must talk more and complain less. Become the change you want them to develop. Model your language, behavior, voice tone, and self-control. Give them reasons why they must do what you want them to do. And, remember that a caring, cooperative and deep connection will last a lot longer than an unreturned conversation. So, leave no stone unturned.

5. Advantage of Emotional Equation

Tell your kids how bad and embarrassed you feel when they ill-treat you or behave ill-mannered. Let them know how sad you become after every scolding you land on your kids. But, don’t overdo this. It can put an enormous burden on your kids.
Managing the behavior and streamlining their thoughts can help you cope up with the daily tantrums during winter break. This will invite less trouble and more contentment. Surely, you can come up with your tactics and tricky planning for this winter break. Please share your thoughts.

Each Day is New, each Moment is Due, and every tantrum will spew. So, be prepared and enlighten yourself! Happy Warm Winters!